Video length is one aspect of marketing that many people have looked into. Studies have concluded that most customers have shorter attention spans than ever. That should come as no surprise. There’s so much content on the internet that the moment you view something, you’re pulled in another direction. That’s why YouTube can, at times, be a rabbit hole that we don’t get out of very easily. We see a video we like, and then another, and then another.

These days’ shorter videos have far higher conversion rates than longer ones. Remember that most people are going to be watching your video in a 30-second window before they get off the bus. So, the ideal length of a video today is about a minute. The longer your videos get, the higher the bounce rates and the less likely you are to get your message to the masses.

Don’t lose the chance to get your message across because you’ve insisted on creating a feature. Instead, keep it short and sweet – it will make a world of difference for your purposes.

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