Social media marketing is something you need to be doing. It’s too effective when it comes to growing your business to ignore it. As more businesses make it a larger component of its marketing strategies, more mistakes are made. Here are some of the mistakes that you want to avoid.

  • You aren’t interacting with followers. Guess what the number one line of communication is for customer service? Social media. Communicate with your followers regularly!
  • You focus too much on promotional content.  Don’t post ad after ad, and expect your followers to stick around. You need to put some interactive and fun content on there as well.
  • You forget to include calls to action. Collecting followers alone isn’t going to magically translate into increased sales and revenue. You should also mix in some CTAs in your posts. CTAs don’t have to be promotional.
  • You post on too many sites. If you’re putting your hands in too many pots, all of them are going to suffer for it. Consider focusing on just one or two.

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