If you are dealing with social media management, and you are trying to learn how to be a Facebook advertising specialist, that’s one thing. But what about blogging? Should you even have a blog on your website? The answer is yes – and here are a few reasons that our advertising consulting say that you should.

  • Blogs help to keep your website “updated” according to search engines. Search engines have “spiders” that go through your website to see when your most recent content is. If you have a blog, you’re going to have recent content on a regular basis, and search engines will see that.
  • Blogs help to inform your audience. Do you want to teach your audience about different aspects of the industry that you supply from or work with? Do you want to keep them up to date with news? A blog is a great tool to do that with.
  • Blogs give your audience something to interact with. Social media is one thing; blogs are another. These informative pieces can spur questions and interaction between your audience and you.

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