Those who are new to social media management may be wondering how they can get more people to “like,” “share,” “retweet,” or do any other sort of interaction with their content. What can you do to get people to interact with your social media in Arkansas? Here are a couple tips that you should try.

  • Get people involved with your logo development  in Arkansas. Considering a new logo? Ask your social media audience what they think.
  • Let people know about the progress of website development in Arkansas. Been promising a new website? Let people know how it’s going and look for input about what they liked and disliked about the old design.
  • Consider doing some sort of promotion or contest. These can help get people involved by commenting, liking, or doing any other number of things. Make sure to check out the rules for what you’re doing on the social media you’re using ahead of time, though.
  • Use images. This sounds silly, but people love pictures, and are more likely to pay attention to and share them in the future.
  • Consider blogging. If you’re posting content (or you get someone to do ghost blogging), you’re going to have some information that your followers may want to talk about.
  • Just ask questions! Even if it’s a simple “How’s your day going?” as part of a bigger post, you may get answers from people!