There are no shortcuts when it comes to your social media marketing. That means you need to fill out your Facebook bio.

A business’s Facebook bio is broken into multiple parts including:

The About Section. The first part of your Facebook profile is easy to fill out. It should include your company name, when your organization was founded, a phone number and email for people to contact you and a link to your website.

Additional Information Section. There is a section in your Facebook profile that will allow you to give your audience more information about your organization. This part of your bio should include a short “About Us” paragraph, a founding date, and information about the products and services your company offers. You can also add information on your privacy policy and any awards your company has received as well.

Story Section: The final part of your bio should include a story. The story section allows you to go in-depth about what makes your organization tick. You can break down product information, go deeper into how your company got started or add anything else that you think your audience needs to know when they’re first learning about your organization.

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