Humans are, by nature, very visual beings. In the brain itself, there are hundreds of millions of neurons devoted to visual processing, nearly 30 percent of the entire cortex, as compared with 8 percent for touch and just 3 percent for hearing. Why does this matter? Does this matter to us as content creators and business owners?

In other words, the most successful marketing teams are not only able to communicate messages in written form, they’re also able to create stunning designs that aid in telling a compelling visual story.

The average person gets distracted in 8 seconds, though a mere 2.8 seconds is enough to distract some people. In the social media era, images alone have the power to make a bigger initial impact than copy, so treat visuals just as importantly when communicating your brand story.

A golden rule that is often neglected: test, test and test some more. It’s not enough to assume which images might go down well with your audience — you’d be surprised at how often a burning intuition, can, in fact, be disputed by audiences. Yes, there are general indicators of what imagery tends to do well, but these aren’t set in stone, and you can’t predict how people are feeling at the specific moment your content lands in front of them. Test different visuals for your approaches and tweak them accordingly based on your engagement data.

Visual storytelling is one of those marketing skills that often goes overlooked, but plays a massive role in the success of every single piece of content. You want to be sure that you know how to do it well and it will help your business to go much farther than you ever expected it to.

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