Social media management has a lot of little tips and rules out there, and one of them is known as the 70/20/10 rule. This is often brought up in meetings about advertising consulting, so it’s helpful for you to know why your Facebook advertising specialist thinks it’s important.

70 – 70% of the time, post relevant content that isn’t advertising.  Post articles and pictures, share about products that you’re getting in, and let people know about the industry that your company is involved in.

20 – 20% of the time, share content. There are so many social media websites out there that you don’t necessarily have to be creative all of the time. When you see a funny image or something that may be relevant to your audience, click the “share” button and share it on your website. That way, you save yourself a little work, and you don’t reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to.

10 – 10% of the time, advertise your website and services.  Obviously, the reason you have social media in Arkansas is because you want to let people know about your company. This can be done tactfully, with links and other means, and you should only be doing this about 10% of the time. Do it much more and you’re going to bore people and chase them off.

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