One of the best tools that Facebook advertising specialists have is their ability to run giveaways and contests from their social media in Arkansas. In some cases, you can even get a coupon for signing up, following, or “liking.” These can be great tools for promotion and to get people talking about your company, and it’s really simple. Not convinced? Here are some of the main reasons that running promotions on social media pages works.

  • It provides instant social media traffic. Contests like that often are shared with others on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other media you’re using. People will share it with their friends, and interested persons will end up going to your page to enter or, at the very least, check it out.
  • It gets people through your doors or to your website. When those promotions get shared, people who may have never heard of your company may go and check out your physical location or your website to see what you have to offer. They may also be more likely to make a purchase, especially if they ended up getting something with the promotion that you offered.

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