An outstanding social media initiative is one that is nurtured constantly. Throwing up a blog here and a picture there won’t build a prosperous marketing strategy. You want to be able to get people interested and have them stick around for the long haul.

  • Write content. Always keep the targeted buyer in mind when sharing content. Blogs, new white papers, and webinar invitations are smart choices. You want to be smart about what you’re writing and let people know what it is that you’re doing.
  • Curate content. Posting relevant industry information and articles written by others are additional ways to fill the social media calendar. Avoid always posting something sales-y. This turns audiences off. You want to have lots of great content that your audience will be excited about and interested in.
  • Listen. Tools that let companies listen to what competitors and the target audience are interested in and talking about guides them toward what they should be sharing. There are a lot of great tools out there, just be selective and use what works best.

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