Without a plan from the outset, you’ll find it hard to nail down ideas and make decisions. You need to dig deep with your research, decide on who you’re targeting and then work out how you’re going to do it. So, what sorts of questions should you be looking at and thinking about here? Here is a quick look at some thoughts to consider when developing your brand.

  • How are your competitors doing it? Is it working for them? Is there room for someone else doing the same thing, or do you need to head in a completely different direction? By figuring these answers out,
  • Branding involves a lot more than a logo design (not that you should do that yourself either) and you really really shouldn’t attempt branding your own company. You want to take some time working with us and we can help you to learn everything that comes with these processes as well.
  • You’ll have strong personal attachments to your business and your branding, however, you absolutely must try and detach yourself from those. When your designer or design agency comes to you with their ideas and presentation, try and think like your target audience, not your usual self.

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