When you talk to potential customers, what is your primary marketing message? Whatever it is, is it consistent across all channels? Having a consistent message across all marketing channels should be a priority for any business.

An inconsistent marketing message can cause problems. If you are a parent you understand exactly what this means. It’s when your 5 year old wants another bowl of ice cream and you say no, after which your spouse says yes. Your inconsistent messaging leads to unintentional confusion (and another bowl of ice cream).

At YourAdTeam, we create consistent, ongoing messaging with our clients’ target audiences.

The importance placed on consistency in messaging will help determine your success as a business. If your business is having trouble with your marketing message, YourAdTeam can help. We want to get you on the right track to avoid confusion (even though we know you want that second bowl of ice cream too).



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    We’ll help you develop your brand into an identity that your target market recognizes.

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    We’ll provide professional graphics based on solid marketing concepts consistent with your strategy.

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    We’ll develop and implement a social media plan that enables you to communicate with your customers socially.


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ABOUT YOURADTEAM, Inc. proudly announces 2017 as its 20th year of creating advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns for clients in a multitude of industries. In a roller coaster economy, YourAdTeam has experienced two decades of steady growth and innovation.

Unlike authors, bloggers, and artists, ad agencies don’t get bylines on their creations. YourAdTeam wouldn’t have it any other way. “We enjoy seeing our clients get recognition for our eye-catching logo branding and advertising ideas,” says Shaun McFarland, president/CEO. “We enjoy being in the background developing and implementing ad campaigns. It’s the culture of our business.”

YourAdTeam began operations in 1997 when Shaun McFarland resigned from a Little Rock ad agency to found his own agency in Saline County. “It made a lot of sense to open a full service ad agency in Benton. With Saline County’s fast growth, it’s clear I made the right choice at the right time,” said McFarland. “I’ve been blessed to work where I live. I was able to fully support my children’s educational, church, and sports activities while they were growing up—for which I’ll always be grateful.”

YourAdTeam’s early success indicated an increasing demand for marketing services in the area. YourAdTeam has developed countless original logos, ad campaigns, direct mail pieces, email marketing campaigns, websites, printed specialty products, tv/radio ads, and vehicle wraps. Graphic design services and marketing consulting are also provided to meet the needs of its diverse clientele. Social media management was added to YourAdTeam’s repertoire of services nearly 10 years ago as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram made their mark on the industry.

YourAdTeam’s commitment to keeping up with technological advances reflects the company’s success in delivering powerfully innovative branding and marketing solutions. “Our clients are unique, and we cater to each one as though they are our only client,” says Tammy McFarland, YourAdTeam’s director of digital and social media. “We effectively focus on specific target markets for each client. Social media has been a genuine game changer in the advertising industry.”

“Our clients are amazing. Creating a successful client-agency relationship is all about compatibility and trust on every level,” says Shaun McFarland. “Our clients trust us to create and protect their brands. It has to be a good fit and a win-win for both parties in order to be successful.”

YourAdTeam is passionate about helping businesses succeed through traditional and innovative marketing and advertising. Contact us today to see if we’re a good fit for your company.


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